Worst Job EVER!

I have a friend that has what may possibly be the worst job ever. If I wasn't firsthand witness to some of the happenings I surely would not believe the stories. It makes me think back on my own horrible job experiences. They are legion, although I'm lucky to have a good job now where I don't have to deal with the hell of jobs past.

Isn't it amazing how sometimes you don't even realize that your job sucks & then some tiny little meaningless event removes the veil from your eyes?

There was a time when I was young & foolish & working 60 hrs. a week, salaried for greedy morons. No matter that I never took a lunch, came in early daily or worked many saturdays without compensation, I was always getting crap from somebody when I finally left for the day. As though somehow it was my fault I couldn't live off of their pittance of a "salary" & needed a second job to pay the rent.

For whatever reason, I believed that I had to work my way up & lived with it until one day the owner interrupted me in the middle of a meeting with an IRS auditor (also a red flag). He had misplaced his Diet Pepsi & it was the last cold can. Could I find it?

Suddenly, I could see things I had not seen before & everything became clear.

We've all had jobs from hell I'm sure. Share yours here to exorcise your demons & give us all a laugh. Not that this blog has widespread exposure but people do read it so feel free to couch your story in thinly veiled euphemisms. Perhaps a creepy boss or coworker from the past will read it & see themselves.


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