It's a Conspiracy

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I truly believe that the people who own all of the radio stations make them suck on purpose. I think they're the same people who own all of the subscription/satellite radio services & they're bent on making "free" radio suckier & suckier until we all break down & subscribe.

What other explanation could there be? There is plenty of music in the world so why do all of the Pittsburgh stations have a 100-song rotation -- and that's the better stations. The choices are lame, dorky, lamer or puncture-my-own-eardrums-to-end-the-suffering. It's torture.

I love all kinds of music, as I'm sure I've mentioned here repeatedly. The closest thing to listenable (is that a word?) is DVE but they frustrate & disapoint me constantly. Each day it gets worse & I'm approaching my breaking point. Yes, there's a disc player in my office but I think it's inappropriate to be changing cd's when my boss or a client walks in, you know?

Afternoon pirates games bring me some salvation but that's it. I can tolerate The X & K-rock only in a vehicle. Basically, they play about 50% good stuff & 50% suckness, so if there's a good song playing right now, the next song will suck enough to require changing of stations. Not to mention that they just copy each other most afternoons. How often do you switch from one to the other only to hear the same crappy song? Most of the time, that's how often.

It's a travesty, in my opinion. WRRK left a lot to be desired but they were still the best option & of course it was ripped away, as all good radio in Pittsburgh eventually is . . .

Oooh, now they're playing "Purple Haze". Haven't heard this since at least this time yesterday. I put on WJAS this morning rather than tolerate an acoustic in-studio performance by someone from the Clarks. They have maybe 1 song in rotation from AIC, Nirvana, Staind, Live, etc. but can fit the crappy Clarks in 3-4 times per day (shudder).

How can DVE ignore all of the good music in the world but play the same Green Day song 3-4 times in a 12 hour period? It's madness. Don't they realize that the Green Day audience is in school right now & probably don't have radios to listen to at recess? They'll beat "Black Betty" into the ground but God forbid they'd actually play a real blues song. Apparently, their entire studio would self-destruct or something.

What really gets me is that they'll promote bands yet not play them. I got to hear an interview with a member of Black Label Society on K-rock the other day (because he grew up in Canonsburg) but they don't have a single BLS song in their rotation. Go figure. They band only has at least 5 albums, a brand new release, packs the house at Ozzfest, kicks ass on club tours & has a huge following amongst headbangers, southern rock fans, guitar worshippers & blues afficianados. Why would any radio station want to appeal to (and appease) a wide variety of die-hard fans? Gee, I can't imagine.

If anyone out there has a pirate signal & plays real rock 'n roll -- i.e., songs written since my birth not just the ones older than me -- please send me your frequency. Please.


At 6/03/2006 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

k-rock plays 'suicide messiah", live and studio, and that piece of shit "in this river", live and studio...all radio wants to do is make money, if they could make money playing the fuck out of black label society, they would...don't flatter yourself, they could care less about your favorite band, if they could get a penny to play it, they would.

At 6/04/2006 7:56 AM, Blogger Steph said...

D'OH! I should have known. That song was popular about a year ago & MTV, etc. played it so yeah, I should've guessed they'd play it eventually.

But not one of their best songs, either.

Radio in Pittsburgh sucks & I'm abandoning it, urge all others to follow suit.

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