More Dating Horror Stories

I guess I've blocked most of these out of my consciousness but then something comes along to jar them back into memory. Let's just say that a recent discussion led me to a "Eureka!" moment of horrible dating memories. I'm not sure how I could have possibly neglected to mention this one before . . .

By now you're all familiar with the BF from hell in my past (herein referred to as "Jackass" to protect me from further shame & embarassment.) When we were together & even in the broken up but friends stage, he was the cheapest person in the entire world.

He wouldn't spend a nickel unless it was on a necessity. Mucho cheapo, can't stress that enough. Quite antisocial as well, never wanted to go anywhere or do anything, just one of those bores that's completely disinterested in life & living.

After our break up, he just seemed to "be" wherever I was at all times. Johnny Hermit was suddenly everywhere that I went, no matter how many times he had scoffed at this club for not being "cool" enough for him, that bar being too trendy, that band's cover charge was always too high, etc.

Mr. Steph & I had just began seeing each other & I took him to a club to see a fantastic band that rarely ventures into this part of the country. It's a small club & we were late, arriving after the opening act had already taken the stage. It was standing room only & we just couldn't find a place to stand without being in the way of everything (the route to the bathrooms, the servers, everything!)

The manager of the club was walking around, shifting people & chairs & trying to find somewhere to put everyone. He approached us & said he had seats for us. He led us to a large table with a group of people that included Jackass!

My shock, horror & disgust were indescribable. The Mr. was a good sport about the whole thing but later confided that after seeing Jackass up close & personal for an entire evening, he was kind of disgusted by the fact that I had ever sunk so low on the dating chain. Frankly, I've always been ashamed of that relationship so I didn't even get mad at him.

So if anyone can top "I took my new guy on a date to a crowded club & had to sit next to my gross ex all night or miss a fantastic band that hasn't been back to Pittsburgh in over 5 years," please share it with me, I would LOVE to hear it!


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