Burning Rivers Halt Neurological Development

Wow, I'm not even trying but it's impossible to read the news without finding yet another reason to hate Ohio. I swear, I wasn't even looking for one! My existing ones are plenty . . .

Bengals & Browns fans are reveling in our QB's injuries, big deal. I'm not surprised nor does it bother me. I expect as much from these kinds of people, especially in Cleveland because it's not as though their own sports teams are anything worth discussing.

What irritates me are the proliferation of comments about Ben's loss of teeth & the large numbers of Ass-hions who believe that will allow him to fit right in here in Pittsburgh. What the hell do my teeth have to do with some idiot Browns fan (oh sorry, that was redundant)?

Lest they forget, I'll take this opportunity to remind them that a few years ago, they came here in droves to be baptized in Iron City by our tailgaters. So watching a football team -- any team -- is far more important than the pride, integrity or loyalty, of which they have none.

There's an interesting article in today's PG discussing this phenomenon with a local psychologist who confirms what I've always suspected: people who act like that have underdeveloped brains. Can't say I'm surprised. He unequivocally states that they are not normal. No surprise there.

Reveling in the misfortune of others - free.

Forcing the state to bury your deceased family members so you can spend the insurance money on yourself - extremely lucrative.

Being called out in a national paper by a psychologist as having malformed brains - priceless.


At 6/16/2006 2:06 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Hmmmm, unfortunately I'm going to a concert in Cleveland in August. Yikes!


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