Eaten Alive

It was bad enough when karma just bit me on the ass but now it's kind of devouring me. There seems to be a wave of bad luck washing over those around me as well.

One of my brothers recently hit a "racoon" which somehow left no marks on the vehicle but caused over $2000 worth of damage to special parts of the undercarriage. Unfortunately for him, he was driving my dad's car which is only a few months old & costs more than my bro will earn this year. So now I'm worried I'll be short one little brother, very soon.

Yesterday a vile, smelly woman speeding through the construction zone & attempting to cut off the real traffic by flying through the closed lane t-boned Mr. Steph.

It wasn't that bad of a hit except that she hit his truck in the exact same spot that the stupid cell-phone yapping stop-sign running bitch from Ass-hio hit it. Be still my weary heart lest this be curtains for The Onyx (our beloved truck).

Luckily, he has good insurance coverage because Smelly gave a fake phone number. I wasn't there but based on his description of the incident & the woman, my first thought was "crack whore in a stolen car" but what do I know?

By the way, it happened in Shaler, where the cops refuse to come take a report unless someone needs an ambulance or a tow truck. I find this ridiculous because they have a huge police force yet you rarely see them driving around so what are they doing instead of patrolling or reporting traffic incidents?

They're not preventing crime, according to friends that live in the Shaler Highlands apartment complex. Residents there claim a constant parade of degenerates through the complex, leaving behind such niceties as used condoms, beer cans & hypodermic needles.

So if the police don't patrol, don't take accident reports in high-traffic congested areas & don't prevent crime, what do they do? Just curious, so if anyone knows . . .

To top it all off, we aren't going to start dissecting cats in A&P this week! For the love of God, I've been taking A&P since January & have not yet touched an organ. WTF? Instead of cutting stuff up in our "labs" he just lectures.

Shockingly, no one is actually learning anything about anatomy or physiology by simply hearing someone drone on about it. Students have even offered to supply the cats if that's the problem, as we already skipped a pig heart dissection due to lack of scalpals. It sucks.

Mom has talked me into going to see a psychic tomorrow. I think it'll be cheesy but entertaining. I plan to amuse myself by reading her & trying to determine what clues of mine she picks up on & manipulates. Yes, I'm a stone cold cynic & no I don't expect this to be in any way useful. But I think it will be neat.

Although the way this week is going, she'll probably tell me that I'm dying or something . . .


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