Fox Sports Net Sucks!!!


In all caps.

There are many reasons why FSN completely sucks, not the least of which is their stranglehold on our sports viewing. Yes, we all know that Fox owns DirecTv & we all know that they want you to buy their subscription sports packages.

Sure, they make a lot of money by withholding sporting events from the majority of viewers, thereby blackmailing the die-hard fans into these stupid, expensive packages.

But allowing us to occasionally view non-local teams surely won't destroy their monopoly. Many people enjoy thoroughly enjoy sports but simply can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars per year for access to the forbidden golden channels.

The extortion & holding out is bad enough but the indiscriminate dismissal of sports voices can't be overlooked. Isn't it bad enough that the Penguins are a horrible team that can barely generate interest? Taking away Mike Lange is a nail in the coffin of Pittsburgh hockey. There are certainly lukewarm viewers that won't tune in to the next disappointing season if it's not narrated by Mike.

Sure, the Pens can put him on the radio but if they pull the same slimy crap that CBS pulls during Steeler games, it will still cost the team fans. In case there's anyone out there who doesn't follow the NFL (although I believe that all 3 of my readers do), CBS delays video a few seconds to ensure that fans who mute their awful sportscasters & tune in to local radio broadcasts hear what happens well before they see it.

Now, CBS has some of the worst announcers in sportscasting history but if you want to watch your team play, you have to put up with the blathering of their nonsensical morons. This is in complete violation of the terms of their broadcasting contract with the NFL & they are ocassionally fined for it, yet they do it every game without fail.

I guess money is the only thing that matters to the media. They'll make theirs at any price, even if it means putting their bread & butter out of business. It's greed & sleaziness like this that make it hard not to hate the human race.


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