Lawsuit With a Side of Cojones, Biggie-Sized!

Everyone knows that America's supposed to be the land of opportunity. The American Dream is the fabled notion of success available to anyone willing to earn it. Generations of people have come here from all over the world to fulfill that promise.

But some people are taking it just a bit too far. Lately we've seen the spotlight on illegal immigration from Mexico. The Mexican government feels that our silly "laws" should only apply to potential citizens from countries that are not Mexico.

(If I were president of Mexico, I'd worry more about fixing my country's problems so that people wouldn't be so desperate to flee, rather than putting such effort into trying to get another nation to accept them unconditionally. But that's just me.)

The US government, millions of US citizens & those attempting to gain citizenship through proper channels seem to disagree.

After all, people from all over the world & every walk of life are trying to become US citizens. Should we deny the refugees, political prisoners & dissidents, the sick, the poor & professionals of all kinds just so some folks from Mexico can come here to flip burgers? That's right, they believe that jobs at Wendy's entitle them to subvert our laws.

Seems kinda unfair to me. I guess the ever-popular undeserved sense of entitlement so rampant in America is big in Mexico as well.

These particular illegals are determined to show us that they're as American as apple pie by engaging in some favorite American pastimes such as:

1. refusing to take responsibility for their own actions

2. demanding preferential treatment

3. filing frivolous lawsuits

They came here illegally & got jobs at Wendy's but then had to be fired since they're not legally allowed to work here.

Wendy's was sympathetic & put considerable effort into helping them to become citizens. But Wendy's lawyers missed a crucial deadline & the government is not very flexible about such matters.

Instead of receiving appreciation, gratitude or applause for their efforts, Wendy's received a notice that the illegals are suing the company for firing them.

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed their attorney. The intriguing & somewhat entertaining transcript can be found here from MSNBC. We should have seen this coming. It's not as though we didn't know litigation abuse is happening constantly in the US.

I've heard that America has roughly 5% of the world's population but more than 75% of the world's lawyers. I don't know if that's true but it wouldn't surprise me. It's pretty much been all downhill since some idiot stuck a paper cup of hot coffee in her own crotch while driving & was shocked when the coffee spilled on her hoo-haw.

This was bound to happen. People can sneak into our country because of lax border security. They can live & work here unencumbered by taxes or any debt to society unlike the rest of us.

We pay outrageous health & car insurance premiums to make up for all of the unlicensed drivers & anonymous hospital patients.

When we ask them to please follow our laws they attempt to disrupt our society & intimidate our citizens via gigantic protests. It's their effort to pressure our nation to change our laws just for them, like one big temper tantrum.

So it was only a matter of time until they realized that not only is it easy to get in to, but once you're here you can sue law-abiding citizens for refusing to aid & abet your criminal activity.

In the interest of preserving America, I suggest the hot topic next election season isn't gun control, energy or even immigration.

The key to preventing a further downslide of our nation lies in another area altogether: limits on law school enrollment & graduation.


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