Just a little something to brighten your day. If you haven't seen these already, you're guaranteed a chuckle.

Target Kills Hit Man
Read this fantastic story from MSN Crime here, it's too good. A woman came home from work & caught a suspected burglar in her home. When he attacked her, she strangled him with her bare hands. You go, girl!

Even better, the inept burglar had brought along a backpack containing his day planner. Notes in the book pointed authorities toward the woman's estranged husband & they soon revealed that this was a hired hit gone horribly wrong.

The moral of this story is that it doesn't always pay to be thrifty. Sometimes you really do need a professional to do the job. So if you're planning on having someone whacked, do not hire the janitor from your local adult video store, even if he offers you a really good deal.

If you plan on posting or responding to any internet sex ads, you may want to take below the neck shots & leave out your phone number.

Some guy in Seattle hijacked a real internet sex ad posted by a woman on Craigslist. He collected all of the responses, including photos, email addresses, IM's & even phone numbers then published them all on a prankster website to publicly shame respondents.

These people were complete strangers to him & he basically said that he did it because he likes to piss people off. While I hate a cheating husband as much as anyone, I don't understand why this guy feels the need to publicly shame people or possibly destroy lives.

Incidentally, I had no idea there was a casual sex encounter section on Craigslists until I started looking into this story. Eeeew. I always just look at jobs & bartering, although I have seen some hilarious "sex wanted" ads in the barter section.

The prankster in this case has repeatedly made his own personal information such as photo, address & phone number available online so I bet the next time we hear about him it will be a story about someone beating his ass mercilessly.

Re-Neducation at it's finest
Maybe it makes me a pop-culture trivia whore, but reading this story reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Flanders is Big Brother & everyone had to be brainwashed-a-rino.

Schools in Georgia now have an alternative to those pesky lunch tickets - your child's fingerprints. Instead of using a coupon, which is sooo tedious & cumbersome, they can just stick their finger in a scanner.

This really inspires confidence. because we all know how efficient & disciplined our government is with personal information. The thought of having your child's fingerprints in a government database is priceless really. How soon can they install a GPS chip?

I expect we'll shortly be informed that thousands of lunch preferences have been inadvertently released to the public when a lunchlady loses her laptop.

You're kidding, right?
A court in the UK recently decided against Hormel Foods, manufactureer of Spam canned meats, in a trademark suit. Hormel tried to get a court to believe that people think of fake meat in a can & not junk emails when they hear the term "spam".



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