I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Ok, I got all excited by the questions but now they've stopped coming . . . again.

And, uh, a big thanks to all of my friends who forgot that I have a blog, like Lisa S. of Rancho Cucamunga, Ca. One of my oldest & dearest friends -- or so I thought!

A huge "Thank You" to Connie who not only read this blog but was also kind enough to email me to say that she enjoyed it. You rock, Connie! If you were a band, I'd totally wear your shirt & hold up my lighter.

If by chance, Connie, you do have a band, please send me music to post on the blog. I'll bet that both of my readers will dig it.

As always, a big thanks to Heather. Without her inquisitive nature to motivate me, I'd be an even more erratic poster than I already am now. By the way, Heather, how's the book coming?


At 10/08/2006 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, Steph, thanks for asking! Though, I am at a stand-still at the moment. I'm actually getting nervous, maybe a little bit discouraged since I haven't gotten much information lately. Then, I haven't had time to do too much with it since I am moving at the end of the month...that is only one thing though. My friend is getting married very soon, another friend's bday is coming up, my mom is moving states away in a week (I will be a wreck), and then I caught that nasty bug going around that EVERYONE seems to have! There's always something, isn't there? Hopefully in another month I can crack down a little bit and get something productive done, though. haha :)

At 10/08/2006 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course that comment is from me, Heather, but it wouldn't let me log in as a blogger to publish the comment...ohhh well


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