Interesting Fact About: Your Spleen

You know how your mom always said don't go swimming for an hour after eating or you'll get cramps & drown? Some of you probably thought it was a myth but some of you may actually abide by that rule. What you probably don't know is that you should avoid all strenuous exercise for about an hour after eating.

Since I avoid strenuous exercise as a general rule of thumb, this doesn't affect me much but I think the reason behind it is interesting enough to share. It seems that your spleen is responsible for storing up extra blood for emergencies. If you're ever bleeding severely, the spleen contracts to release the extra blood, helping you to survive longer.

When you're digesting food, a lot of the blood in the body goes to the digestive tract to assist in processing your meal, which can take up to an hour. During exercise your muscles require a lot more blood than usual. Since much of it's elsewhere when you're digesting food, your body perceives this as a shortage & may initiate the spleen to release it's blood reserve.

Spleen contractions are extremely painful cramps, according to people who have experienced them so do your best to avoid them!


At 5/12/2006 8:13 PM, Blogger PghGuy said...

All the more reason to have the sucker removed I say. It's just like the gallbladder and appendix. Who needs the aggravation? Hell, you can even function on one kidney or half a liver for that matter. Or with three heart valves constricted I'm told!


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