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Hello Steph,

As a fellow Craigslister, I thought I would ask you a question about my Craigslist ad. Tell me if you think this has the potential to work for me:


Basically, the ad tells you everything you need to know. I'm hoping to find enough people to donate their pocket change to help me pay off my auto loan.

I know that Karyn of "Save Karyn" had her debt paid off and there's even the guy trading a paper clip for a house. It seems reasonable that through the power of the Internet, I should be able to reach enough people to achieve my goals.

What do you think? Thanks – Andrew in Pittsburgh

Hi Andrew! You are now one of my idols. This is no small feat because that list is quite distinguished & even includes Batman (greatest superhero ever). I too have heard about Karyn & more recently the guy trading a red paper clip for a house. He’s supposedly getting a movie deal out of it, too.

I think it’s a great idea & have actually been considering something along the same lines myself. Even though I have a good job, I have massive amounts of student loan debt & will probably have my social security checks garnished when I’m 80 (if social security is even available to us as oldsters).

As a gesture of goodwill, I pledge a contribution equivalent to one 32 oz. Hardee’s fountain coke (my daily equivalent of the morning cup of coffee). By the way, the ad itself is pretty cool with the meter & everything. I admire your technical skills. Good luck & please keep me informed on the progress.


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