My First Official Question!

What are the basic beliefs of scientology? I don't know the correct spelling and I don't really care too. - Verky from Pittsburgh

Thanks for asking, Verky. I really appreciate the baptism by fire here. Should I take this as a vote of absolute confidence in my abilities? I mean, it's not every day that I'm asked to explain an extremely controversial religion/cult. Would you like me to comment on the Vatican objections to The Da Vinci Code when I'm done or perhaps on US foreign policy shortcomings?

According to my research, it's a religion based on proof instead of faith. Of course, one guy's definition of proof may be wholly different from another's, thus making that an entirely subjective response.

Critics claim it's a manipulative cult designed to bilk members of all worldly possessions. The proliferation of rich, famous members may support that, at least superficially.

There are rumors of alien deities, spaceships, brainwashing & bastardized psychotherapy. I'm not sure how something with this kind of tag-line manages to attract new interest, but they seem to be doing okay membership-wise.

I guess the only thing we can all be completely sure of regarding Scientology is that Tom Cruise is really creepy. Either being a Scientologist made him that way or their organization has no qualms whatsoever being closely associated with a man who travels the world making an ass of himself. Either way, it doesn't reflect well on their group.

Most importantly, Verky, please remember this: No matter how interested in this church you may become, please don't get engaged to Tom Cruise and have more of his offspring.


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