Eagles & Tattoos

Is there a web site I can go to or a book that will show me some good drawings of eagles , I want one as a tattoo? Thank you - Rege in Pittsburgh

You've come to the right place, Rege. I happen to be an avid wildlife watcher & have a very close friend that's a total "bird nerd". I found a couple of sites with a lot of great pictures that you should check out:



In addition to finding a photo, you may want to check out websites that offer tatto designs. Some of them allow you to purchase a stencil of a specific design. If you find something you like, take it to your tattoo artist & have them customize it in some way so that it's totally original & unique to you.


I would also interview tattoo artists & shop around to find someone that has a lot of experience with realistic, complex designs as well as animal images. You're job will be a lot easier if you can find an artist who has done a bunch of them comfortably & can design something specifically for you.

And I may have a couple of really awesome eagle pics on my old hard drive that I can email to you. I'll try to dig them up here shortly. If you don't find anything you like, let me know because we have some great bird books at my house with good pictures that may be useful to you.

Good luck with the tatttoo & when are we going to go out drinking? It's been a while.

If you're interested in wildlife watching, nature trails, zoos birwatching, etc. contact me. I have a great database of zoos, animal parks, state & national parks, etc.


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