Rapid Fire Session

Hi Steph,

Saw your post for help on Craigslist. So, here's few questions:

I wear glasses on some days, and my contacts on other days. Why does it seem like every time I wear my glasses, it rains, causing water droplets to get all over my glasses?!

What is your take on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

What is the time after time? (haha) Thanks! - Heather Frazier

Hi Heather. My, you're an inquisitive lady but thanks for the vote of confidence, I'll do my best.

Now the glasses & rain thing has always been a personal pet peeve of mine. If you hate wearing glasses (like me) rain is the ultimate indignity. I truly believe that it's the work of higher powers bullying us mere mortals.

When I was a small & inquisitive child adults used to give me half-assed explanations for everything, such as thunder is the sound of angels bowling. I suppose that warped me because I'm now pretty sure that some being(s) in the sky make it rain when I wear my glasses just to yank my chain. It's the mystical equivalent of a wedgie.

The TomKat thing is just plain creepy & I welcome the opportunity to give the world my 2 cents. I'm particularly creeped out by young women that want to do guys old enough to be their dad or grandpa. It's just icky.

There a lots of hot older guys & I enjoy them they way I enjoy a great painting or a mustang GT -- plain old eye candy. It's awesome to look at but I don't particularly have to have it. Just because hot older guys exist doesn't mean you have to do them. I mean, mountains are really fantastic & I'm awed by the wonders of nature but I'm never going to climb one.

That said, the gossip rags are rife with claims that the pregnancy was fake, the pregnant woman was a Katie lookalike & all kinds of other strange theories. The fake pregnancy idea holds some water (no pun intended) because the only part of her that changed was her belly. I mean, pregnant women usually appear to have various physical changes (larger breasts, swollen ankles, a hint of weight gain in their faces, etc.) but not "Katie".

Personally I believe she's either been brainwashed or was paid a lot of money to go through this charade. I'm sure it has something sinister to do with Scientology & the fact that Cruise seems to be a complete nutcase. No, she hasn't done anything since Dawson's Creek wrapped but who wants a career as a freak show exhibit? Not the best way to stay famous.

The 'time after time thing' is quite the riddle, isn't it? Nope. This is just one of those phrases coined by some college kid with a huge bong that fancies himself a philosopher. When time ends, there will no longer be time. Yeah, you could go all Stephen Hawking or Socrates about it & construct some complex theory that will never be tested but you probably have a life so why bother? Things like this are only interesting to discuss: 1. if there is pot involved & you're under 21 or 2. the argument offers the opportunity to annoy someone that takes themself way too seriously.

Visit Heather's really cool blog, Slightly Dramatic, to check out the interesting stuff she has to say. As always, feel free to weigh in on any topic. Keep the questions coming!


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