Ms. Know-It-All

Why did you decide to answer everyone's questions? - Anonymous comment

That's a good question. Everyone tells me that I'm a real know-it-all & since my friends & family don't seem to embrace my meddling, I thought maybe others would.

Seriously though, I'm not here to offer professional calibur advice. Mostly I pride myself on knowing lots of trivial things & being able to find the answers to trivial things. I have a real knack for hunting down obscure songs from weird commercials, if you haven't read my first-ever post.

There are a lot of self-serving reasons, too. I put together a very cool website not long ago but don't have the time to update it regularly & a blog is much easier. My greatest achievement is that I am a font of useless knowledge & it's my only real talent. I'm a so-so artist, can't carry a tune in a bucket, dance like Elaine from Seinfeld & I've been in college off & on for more than 10 years without ever getting a degree. But people tell me that I have an entertaining writing style so I thought maybe I could contribute to the world by finding answers to people's questions.


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